Hey, I’m Corey!

Web Developer.
Digital Strategist.

Hey, I’m Corey!

Web Developer.
Digital Strategist.

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I Help Business Owners

Turn their websites into profit generating machines.

Stand out, build your brand, expand your reach, and grow your business.

Website Development

I create beautiful, conversion focused websites that increase leads and turn visitors into paying clients and customers.

Strategy Development

I develop kick ass strategies for anyone doing business on the web, including small business owners and online entrepreneurs.

Coaching & Training

Ready to take the wheel? I’ll teach you what I have spent years learning, so you can cut your time in half and maximize profits.

I Make Things Easy With

A straight forward process.

Step 1: Discovery

We start by going over what you’re looking to get out of our time together. We will go over where you are in your business and where you’d like to be. We discuss what’s working, and what’s not working. We go over goal setting and make sure we both understand what needs to be done in order to move you closer to reaching your goals. We will discuss various topics related to online business as they pertain to your website, including user experience, marketing, and design. Once it’s clear what you’d like to accomplish, we put together a plan.

Step 2: Planning

Once discovery has been finished, I will come up with a detailed plan that outlines different objectives related to accomplishing your goals. Included in this plan will be an estimated project timeline using the scrum model, which will contain information related to each part of the project. The planning phase also covers design direction, including fonts, colors, and mock-ups related to your project. We will go over each part of the plan in detail if necessary, and once you give the ok we move on to development.

Step 3: Development

In the development phase, I begin working on putting everything from the planning phase in motion. During development, we will have regular communication, sometimes even daily, as it’s necessary to remain on the same page. This way, if something is moving in the wrong direction (on either my end or yours) we can be proactive instead of reactive. The development phase is the longest part of the process, and sticking to the plan is important. Therefore, if drastic changes need to be made during this phase, they’re usually saved for after implementation.

Step 4: Implementation

Once the development phase is completed, you’re usually super excited because it’s time for implementation. In this phase, we take the necessary steps to release everything we’ve accomplished out into the wild for the world (a.k.a. your audience) to see. This could be your new website, a rock-star social media marketing plan, or something you’ve learned from one of my training programs. Regardless, this is a great time to celebrate, because the last phase is adaptation. Since the world of online business is always changing, it’s important that you know how to do the same.

Step 5: Adaptation

The final phase of my process is one that never actually ends: Adaptation. In online business, it’s important that you know how to swiftly make changes depending on what’s working (and what’s not working) for your website, strategy, or business goals. This phase could be considered a “rinse and repeat” of what we’ve already done leading up to now, but is focused on analytics and data from your website, campaign dashboards, and bank account. If your goal is to sell more of one product, and that product did really well three months ago, we find out why and adapt to see those results again.

I've Worked With

Some pretty awesome clients.

I Think You'll Enjoy

Some of my latest projects.

Lash Crave Beauty

Lash Crave is a high-end lash and brow salon in Pinellas Park, FL specializing in semi-permanent makeup.

Douglas Hatch, Personal Trainer

Douglas Hatch is a personal trainer and martial arts expert who helps anyone looking to get into better shape.

Rose Boghos, Energy Matters

Rose is a Certified Whole Health Educator with extensive knowledge of energetic and healing modalities.

“Corey is by far one of the most knowledgeable developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s well-versed in all aspects of web development from backend to frontend, coding to design. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a fresh build or a redesign on any website in any industry.”
Leslie Bernal

Leslie Bernal
A Girl and Her Mac

“I’ve been doing web design on and off since 1995. I have met and talked to a lot of people and those like Corey are few and far between. He goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to development, teaching, and explanation. If there’s not already an example of something in his arsenal, he’ll tend to create one for you.”
Levi Guillory

Levi Guillory
Computer Junkiez

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